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Pastel Painting in France - 
SEPTEMBER 12-20, 2020 - Loire Valley

Immersed in farmland and quaint Loire Valley villages, Janet will guide you with daily demonstrations, techniques and individual instruction to boost your confidence while you capture an exciting sense of depth and atmosphere in your work. We’ll learn what makes a strong composition, how to capture that fleeting southern French light, what to leave out, and when to stop. You’ll cultivate a deeper sensitivity to color as you explore the immediate and intense pastel medium to give your work its unique quality.

  • 7-nights at “Circle of Misse” 19th c. chateau situated in verdant farmland, on the Southern edge of the Loire River Valley.
  • All meals and drinks, daily appetizers and aperitif before each dinner.
  • Your own private bedroom and bathroom, desk, hairdryer, and USB charger.
  • Daily painting, morning and afternoon in the countryside, gardens, vineyards, and other chosen painting sites. 
  • Easels, trays, pastels, sanded paper, and drawing supplies provided.
  • In case of inclement weather, the charming studio offers an opportunity for all to paint.
  • Sightseeing to the medieval town of Chinon, visit Henry II castle, the market, winery and nearby 15th c. Chateau d’Orion, covered in murals of the Fontainebleau painting school.
  • Pick up and departure from Nantes airport.
I would love to share this unique, personal workshop and retreat experience with you. Limited availability for five students, so reserve your space today for an incredible retreat and journey of a lifetime.  
Contact:  or
Student Testimonials: 
"I learned so much that week and that was all from you! 
Your direction and patience with me throughout that whole week was just what I needed." Jeanne Pylar   
  "It was beyond my expectations, I created so many pastel paintings,
 the accommodations and food were all spectacular."    Ann Miller
"Janet is a great teacher, I learned about composition and use of complementary colors."     Barb Boyce

Capturing Light & Life in your Pastels - 

TWO 2-day workshops!!

These workshops are designed for all skill levels, learn to see simple shapes and values to create stunning results with pastel painting techniques. Using design elements, students will create visual balance and excitement using shape, line, and value in their compositions. Color theory and color mixing techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. Janet will provide individual attention to each student as they learn to express life and light in their work. Still life will be set up or paint landscapes from your own photographs.

Ypsilanti Township Community Center - February 7th & 8th, 2020

10:00am-4:00pm  CALL: 734.544.3800  YTR: $155.00.  NR Fee: $165.00  

Visual Arts Association of Livonia - February 21 & 22 , 2020
Register at or contact:
Laraine Walowich - -  248.788.1091 

(Left) Pastel painting setup, on location in Misse, France
Pastel Painting - August 3 & 4, 2020
Interlochen College of Creative Arts, Interlochen, MI
For More Info:   231.276.7340

Student Testimonials:
"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your soft pastel workshop.  I learned so much from your instruction and demonstration in those few days.  I am also very grateful, as your enthusiasm has helped to rekindle my passion to do art and I think I have found my medium in these soft pastels!!  As you suggested,  I have carved out a space in my home where I can keep my easel and supplies and leave them out to have access whenever I want."  
Kim Plahna
"Outstanding instructor! I feel so lucky to have experienced an artist who also knows how to teach effectively - a rare treat!"   Marie English
"Wonderful Class, Janet was fantastic, enthusiastic and a great critiquer. Please have Janet back again"
"Best Instructor I've had for a long time. Time was managed with constant information."  
"I felt completely respected for my lack of experience and for the $'s I spent."  Maggie Sokoloff

Exploring Pastels - Wednesdays  10:00-3:00 
On-going pastel classes for all levels
Sponsored by Visual Arts Association of Livonia
Register at or contact:
Laraine Walowich - -  248.788.1091